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People are getting unescecarily offended about all the native American costumes…

For one. Dressing up as a stereotype isn’t racist… people who say it is so are just trying to appear superior.

I swear people start conflicts for conflicts sake here, it’s stupid.

*By the way, I know I can’t spell unescecary so don’t go on about it. Just because I spelt one word wrong doesn’t make my argument invalid.

Leave all these people alone! They don’t mean to be offensive, so circulating their picture around the internet is unfair, and completely uncalled for. Stop pretending you’re so “perfect”

Rant over.

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    Do any of us ever said were were perfect or superior you nimrod? Dressing like a stereotype isn’t racist…………….That’s...
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    In the age of the internet, when Google will fucking correct your misspelled garbage, when your very internet browser...
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    is this real tho. that’s like when people say i’m not racist but i hate black people like just listen to what you are...
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    Okay, none of you can see feministdisney’s commentary, but guys. She’s so right. America (and Canada) needs this.
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    "Dressing up as a stereotype isn’t racist" By this logic I guess black face isn’t racist either. God why is there so...
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    I’m sorry dumb-ass, but you’re still racist.
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    In reality, it is all clothes and make-up, but whatever, if you’d like to get upset about that, you can go on ahead. =3...
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    Ok I’ve been watching this for a while… think of it this way. Dressing up as Elvis Presley is absolutely nothing like...
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    Actually, there are also a lot of people who have agreed with me. Yes you’ve told them now, in a way that was completely...
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    LOL @ the above photo.
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    Mostly I just want to ask, are there any computers anywhere that do not have spell check? Is there some internet that...
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    I’m being completely serious when I say that I think all American kids need to take like a legit class for a semester or...